Simple logistics is no longer sufficient for many companies. If a company produces several products and sells them via various sales channels - via an online shop, via wholesale, via retail or in direct sales - the challenges for the logistics of the company increase. There are also various storage rooms and external warehouses. Starting with stocks, accessories and storage spaces, companies and logistics partners in the supply chain face a challenge.


How can a good logistics system and correct labeling of products help? A smooth supply chain is characterized by punctual delivery and maximum reliability. Labeling with labels can ensure that the right recipient is reached. Correct internal deliveries can also be guaranteed with the help of labels.



Why is packaging labeled in logistics?

Labels are suitable for labeling products, goods, boxes and pallets. The label serves as an information carrier which is stuck on the product or the packaging unit. This is the basis for a smooth flow of the supply chain. Punctual delivery and correct delivery of the goods are the most important success factors in the process chain. Self-adhesive address labels, shipping labels, pallet labels play an important role.


The label material and label adhesive differ depending on your application. For labeling with logistics labels, you can choose between pre-printed labels or blank labels, which can then be customized with your information.


b + b offers logistics companies the complete solution from a single source: from consumables such as labels, whether pre-printed or blank, as well as the label software for designing your labels.

How can the requirements for logistics labeling be implemented with the LP4 label software?

A label design and automation software is suitable for the implementation of the GHS regulations. b+b offers the best economic and most flexible solution. The label software Labels Platform 4 from b+b can be used for every imaginable printing, labelling, automation or visualisation task. It allows you a flexible label design. It is the control centre of your labelling solution.


LabelsPlatform 4 with its integrated label editor forms the core of the LP4 automation solution.



How can I quickly and securely label cartons with variable data?

The application of labels by hand is usually problematic. Labelling inaccuracies and a high expenditure of time are usually the result.

Increasing demands on the beverage industry make it more difficult to label products. Label printing and dispensing systems enable you to label products and their packaging precisely, reliably and quickly using different applicators and label transfer modules. The printing and dispensing of the label is done in one system.


Various requirements are necessary for maximum efficiency in your production:

  • required printing speed

  • required donation speed

  • Labeling accuracy

  • Printing options

  • Integration in existing production lines and production lines

The label printing dispensers EDS 420i and 620i meet almost any requirement due to their modular design, a wide range of functions, accessories and applicators. 

Thanks to the modularity of the label printing dispenser, you always opt for the best solution in terms of economy.



How can boxes and cartons be labeled?

There are various options for labeling cardboard boxes - regardless of whether the cardboard box or the packaging unit is to be labeled from the side, top, front, back, over a corner, in a throughput, at high speed or at a standstill. Different carton formats and changing carton heights are no problem for the b + b labelers. In addition to the labeling systems from b + b, you also get the right label software - from the design and automation of the labels to the interface to your ERP system and Consumables tailored to your application, such as pre-printed labels, blank labels and ribbons - all from a single source.

CLM - fully automatic printing and dispensing system

CLM - Fully automatic printing and dispensing system - side labeling

b + b offers labeling and labeling solutions for various containers, formats and labels:



Closing by hand is usually very time-consuming and leads to an interruption in the packaging process. Starting with 40 boxes a day, it makes sense to automate the closing process - this can reduce the working time required by up to 70%.


b + b offers you a solution for the sealing and labeling of cardboard boxes - cardboard box sealing and labeling machine in one.

The operator opens the flat box and places it in the system. The lower flaps are automatically folded in and closed by the system. The top flaps are closed by the operator and then transported to the capper via the transport rollers - here it is closed with self-adhesive material. Depending on the requirements, the system can be equipped with a side or corner labeler.


Optionally, the system can also serve as an aggregation unit using appropriate scanners and cameras. We would be happy to advise you.



Product aggregation - Carton closure - Labeling of the carton - Front view

Product aggregation - Carton closure - Labeling of the carton - Rear view

In the logistics , there are specific and legal requirements for labeling the load carrier. Pallets must therefore be clearly labeled, for example, so that downstream processes in the supply chain, such as shipping or distribution, can be designed efficiently. The ready-to-ship pallets must be labeled in accordance with GS1. The pallets can be labeled on one side, on both sides or on three sides with GS1-compliant transport labels. To ensure quality, various containers must also be provided with a corner label (tamper evident).




Paletten etikettieren

1-sided pallet labeling


Paletten etikettieren

2-sided pallet labelling


Paletten etikttieren

3-sided pallet labelling

Pallet labeller b+b Fachpack

With the pallet labeler from b + b, all legal and specific requirements can be easily met.


Logistics 4.0 - transparency in logistics processes is becoming more and more important due to increasing product counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical technology and fashion industries. Track & Trace is the prerequisite for the internal and chain-wide traceability of the product path. 

Track and Trace - CRISTAL


We make your products journey visible!

b+b offers you industry-specific complete solutions according to global standards and guidelines - far beyond the legal requirements. Due to the modular and 
flexible software structure b+b realizes projects "without headaches". 
b+b connects your ERP and WMS systems with your production lines and reports the production data back to your IT systems or to third party systems.