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Labelling machines for self-adhesive labels

Labelling reliably, quickly and precisely

By using labelling machines, the labelling process can be carried out faster, more reliably and more precisely. A labelling machine is used for the automatic labelling of products and packaging. A wide variety of products and packaging can be labelled with the help of an automatic labelling machine. b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik has been developing, designing and producing professional labelling machines for more than 30 years. With the labeling systems from b+b almost all labeling requirements, EU directives and worldwide labeling laws can be successfully implemented in a wide range of industries from packaging and logistics to medical technology and pharmaceuticals.


From manual labeling systems to semi-automatic labeling systems and fully automatic labeling machines - b+b offers the right solution for every requirement and production conditions.

  • Suitable for almost all production environments

  • Easy integration into existing production lines or packaging lines

  • High flexibility through modular design

  • Connection to external databases such as ERP systems

  • suitable for all shapes, formats, sizes and materials

Other labelling and identification systems

Label print and apply systems

To implement your labelling requirements, we also offer you the appropriate label printing and dispensing systems in combination with our labelling equipment and systems. Our label dispensers and label printers can be flexibly adapted to any requirement. They are ideally suited for industrial operations - even for multi-shift operations. The marking of variable data becomes child's play.


With our automatic label dispensers you can label your products and their packaging precisely and quickly.

  • Automatic label dispenser

  • Label Print Dispenser

  • Label printing and dispensing systems

  • Integration of printers

Serialization and aggregation systems

Also in combination with our labeling machines and systems, we offer you all the necessary components to implement the requirements for serialization and aggregation (track & trace). In addition to our standard systems, we develop customer-specific solutions as well as the necessary software modules, which go far beyond the usual compliance requirements. No matter whether you want to serialize small or large batches - you will find the right solution with us. 

  • b+b Siteserver

  • Serialization systems

  • Aggregation systems

Standard machines for labelling

When are manual labelling systems used?

Manual labelling systems and labelling devices are used for very small batches. Before larger systems are adjusted to the products or product packaging, they are already labelled with manual labelling devices. This saves you set-up costs. In the pharmaceutical industry, manual labelling systems are suitable for seal labelling of folding boxes. Flexible and mobile table-top units such as the M-TE 80 are often used here. Manual labelling machines are usually inexpensive solutions that require only a small investment.

When are semi-automatic labelling machines suitable?

Semi-automatic labelling systems are suitable for small to medium-sized batches. Semi-automatic labelling machines for self-adhesive labels are often used in semi-automatic or manual productions where precise and reliable labelling is necessary and required. By using semi-automatic labelling machines, a high level of labelling accuracy can be guaranteed and the process can be made more efficient. On average, the investment costs for semi-automatic labelling systems are lower than for fully automatic systems. The conversion of a semi-automatic labelling system from b+b to a fully automatic labelling system is possible at any time.

Semi-automatic labellers are often used in smaller food producers for example for labelling honey jars or jam jars. 


When are fully automatic labelling machines used?

Fully automatic labelling machines are used in automated production lines with high production volumes. Integration into existing production lines - both in terms of hardware and software - should be possible. If a high cycle rate of the production line is required, a fully automated labelling of products and packaging is necessary. Fully automatic labelling systems are less personnel-intensive. 

Labeling machine manufacturer b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH - Made in Germany

Our labelling solutions are manufactured in Germany: from the development of the labelling system, the design and construction to the production, all manufacturing processes take place at our headquarters in Oberzent in the Odenwald. In order to meet new market requirements, we work closely with our suppliers, partners and customers to develop the most economical labelling solutions.


As a manufacturer of labelling machines as well as modules and accessories for labellers, our customers receive the complete solution from one source for labelling their products. Thanks to the modular design of our standard machines, our labelling machines offer high flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Our standard labelling machines 


For special requirements we offer special machines tailored to your wishes and needs. Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of special machines and the standardization of our processes, you will benefit from a high degree of economic efficiency through short development times.


Our labelling systems and labelling machines are characterised by their high quality, modularity, durability and user-friendliness. Together with our subsidiary BBK Etikettier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH we have been active in the labelling and marking industry for more than 30 years. 


Our labelers are characterised by the highest quality.  


Due to the modular design of our labelling systems, you have the possibility to adapt them to changes in your production line.


Our competent service staff and technicians advise you worldwide and are available online 24 / 7.


Our systems are characterized by user-friendliness. Our labelling systems can be operated intuitively.

Current projects - Labelling and serialization

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